Ariantex production and advertising group, started its activity in the field of fabric finishing and dyeing since 1986, and in 2000, taking into account the country's growing need for all kinds of textile labels, as well as the vast import of labels used in the carpet and sleeping goods industries, By a group of Iranian experts and using local knowledge, it made the production of this category of products its priority. This group has become the first and largest industrial unit producing all kinds of self-adhesive and heat-melting textiles thanks to the grace of god and the unceasing efforts of all its precious personnel and colleagues. Having high quality, both in terms of technologies used to produce products and in using the best raw materials to prepare products, has been the most important reason for the success of Ariantex's production and advertising group in the competitive market. At present, Ariantex production and advertising group operates in the field of production, design and printing of all kinds of textile labels used in the carpet and sleeping goods industries.

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