The carpet label plays an important role in the carpet and flooring industry and is also known by other names such as carpet label, carpet brand, carpet label, thermal label, fabric label and iron label. The carpet label, which is produced from fabric material, is actually like a carpet ID card, the information provided in it is very useful in purchasing and identifying the quality of the carpet, and if it is distorted, the originality and value of the carpet will be reduced. 
Among the information that is usually mentioned on the carpet label, we can mention the name of the manufacturer, type of fiber used, dimensions, number of colors, bar code, thread type, density of comb and weft and knot per square meter and the signs of the relevant standards.
In general, carpet labels are produced in two types: adhesive (self-adhesive and thermal) and non-adhesive (sewn). One of the most widely used labels to be used as a carpet label is a thermal or iron label that is attached to the carpet using the heat of an iron. These labels should be produced in such a way that the printing quality and the color of the label and the texture of the carpet are not damaged during heating.
Ariantex group offers carpet labels in different types, sizes, materials and designs. One of the beautiful and stylish types of carpet label that is offered in this company is the hot stamped carpet label, which is usually used for luxury and precious carpets. The labels produced in this company, in addition to high adhesive strength, are resistant to thermal variation and various detergents, and their quality does not decrease over time.​​​​

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