Ariantex Group, in addition to providing final products, has started to produce and supply all kinds of raw labels. This model of the label is sold raw and without printing on it. In other words, this label is provided to customers without printing any graphic design ​​​​​​​and information such as brand name, features and characteristics of carpets and mattresses. This model of label has different types and different sizes and has different uses.
The purchase of raw labels is mostly done by production centers and factories. The advantage of this kind of label is that the producer can mass produce his own labels and can change the parts he wants when necessary.
Printing on these labels is done using digital, offset and flexo printers. These labels can be used on any product and can be used, for example, as mattress labels, carpet labels, clothing labels, shoe labels, or any other product with any type of packaging.
Raw textile labels have various types and categories. In general, these labels are sold as thermally adhesive back labels or as non-adhesive labels. In terms of material, these labels are diverse and have different types. For example, sewn satin labels, thermal satin labels, thermal velvet labels, sewn velvet labels, etc. are offered to consumers. These labels are available in various sizes, which can be used as mattress labels, carpet labels, clothing labels, shoe labels, etc. due to their different dimensions.
To use these labels, the desired content must be printed on them with special printer devices. You can contact our sales experts to know how to print and choose the type of material suitable for your product.
Raw labels are produced both in rolls and sheets. To print a label in a roll, you need a digital label printer or a flexo printing machine. By placing the roll inside the label printer device, you can easily design your desired design in the related software and transfer the design printing order to the label printer through the connection of a laptop or computer and prepare the printed labels you need.
Raw labels are produced in various sizes (more than 20 different sizes) and different surface materials (satin, velvet, paper, etc.).
Ariantex Group has always been with its customers and has always tried to get their satisfaction. Therefore, you can contact our sales experts before placing an order to receive the best and most complete expert advice in the field of raw fabric labels and make your purchase with peace of mind.​​​​​​

​Raw Label

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