Hot Stamp Carpet Label/ Hot stamp Mattress Label

Hot stamp printed labels are one of the beautiful types of carpet labels and mattress labels, which are usually presented in the form of golden and silver colours and are often used for luxury and more expensive products.

Using new methods, Ariantex Group has managed to produce and supply hot stamp  carpet labels/ hot stamp  mattress labels for the first time in Iran in such a way that they do not fade in any way due to heat, washing, wear and the passage of time.

hot stamp  carpet labels/ hot stamp  mattress labels with different color of the background fabric (including black, navy, white, crimson, etc.), and desired foil color (including gold, silver, turquoise, etc.) can be produced and offered in the desired circulation to customers in the field of carpets, sleeping products & etc.

لیبل طلاکوب تشک / لیبل طلاکوب فرش